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Woodthorpe Grange Park

Woodthorpe Grange Park

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One of Nottingham’s largest parks with something for everyone. Free parking and dog waste bins are appreciated. Only possible negative is that there are lots of distractions because it’s popular with lots of users. I’m thinking about ball games and picnics.


Woodthorpe Grange Park is situated to the North of the main City Centre of Nottingham. It’s a relatively popular location for people to walk their dogs but is also popular with other users due to the facilities on offer here.

Woodthorpe Grange Park – Facilities

Probably one of the first things you might notice when visiting Woodthorpe Grange Park is the manor house, a 19th century Grade II listed building. The grounds that surround the manor house are a popular place for those wanting to play football or golf. There are a couple of football pitches and an 18 hole pitch and putt course.

Other facilities that make Woodthorpe Grange Park popular with visitors include the Tropical Garden, Sunken Garden. Plant Shop and the Train Sculpture. Talking of sculptures there was a small garden with various sculptures close to where I parked my van. The main image for this article is one of the sculptures there, a wicker form of Winnie The Pooh. There is plenty of parking for visitors to Woodthorpe Grange Park, and thankfully it’s free!

Depending on how long you plan to visit for there are food and toilet facilities too. The New Bean Culture Café serves hot and cold snacks and drinks and is open from 8:30am until 4:15pm between Monday and Friday. At the weekend the opening time is 9:00am.

Woodthorpe Grange Park – Events

Woodthorpe Grange Park is also a popular location to host events. The Nottingham City website details how much notice you need to give in order to hold an event here. Basically the larger the attendance, the more notice you need to give. One popular, annual event is the Woodthorpe Grange Park Christmas Weekends. A joint effort between the park and the plant shop, a giant illuminated reindeer lets you know you are in the right place. The plant shop is a good location to buy your Christmas Tree. Nottingham is actually one of the better locations to visit a Christmas Market. The Winter Wonderland that takes place in the Old Market Square is generally considered to be one of the better Christmas Markets in the UK. With an ice bar and ice rink, there is also live music and entertainment and plenty of market stalls to buy Christmas gifts.

Other events that have taken place at Woodthorpe Grange Park include Gandeys Circus and Party in the Park.

Woodthorpe Grange Park – For Dogs

Having said that it seems a popular location with dog owners I thought I would give my take on what I think about it. The free parking is certainly very welcome. I noticed that there were a number of dog waste bins too which is always good to see. They seemed to be emptied fairly regularly too. The terrain is fairly mixed with open spaces and some more wooded areas. Certainly the areas with tree cover can help keep your dog cooler on hotter, summer days.

However I would not say Woodthorpe Grange Park is the ideal dog walking location for everyone. Certain maps within Woodthorpe Grange Park seem to indicate that part or all of the park requires dogs to be on lead. It’s clear however that this does not seem to be followed in all cases so I’m not exactly sure what the policy is. It would seem dogs are tolerated off lead but owners are expected to only do so if their dog has good recall. Personally though I feel there are too many distractions at Woodthorpe Grange Park for it to be a favourite dog walking location for some dog personalities. I can just imagine some dogs wanting to chase and get involved in a football game. It could also be too tempting for some dogs when families are having picnics here.

If you are a local dog owner I would welcome your thoughts on Woodthorpe Grange Park. Alternatively leave a comment about some of your favourite dog walking locations and I will try and review them soon.

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