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Rushcliffe Country Park

Rushcliffe Country Park

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Huge and popular green space for Nottingham residents. Parking is only £1.00 for the whole day. There are also toilets by main car park. GCRN Heritage cafe open Wednesdays and Weekends and sometimes catering vans within park. Dog waste bins a plus. Can be muddy in winter.


Rushcliffe Country Park is a very popular place with local residents, whether they happen to own dogs or not. The purpose of this article however is to review the location from the point of view of a dog owner.

Rushcliffe Country Park – Positives

There is a dedicated car park near the Rangers Office which you can see in the main image at the top of this article. Parking is a very reasonable £1.00 for the whole day. The car park is open from 8:00am and closes at 4:00pm in winter and at 6:00pm at other times of the year. If you return to your car after these times you can still exit the car park as the barrier is only for the entrance.

There are toilets for us humans near to the Rangers Office. For our four legged friends there are a good number of dog waste bins scattered around the park. Although there is no dedicated cafe within Rushcliffe Country Park, it’s not uncommon to see a catering van within the grounds. Close to the car park there is also the Grand Central Railway Nottingham Heritage cafe but it’s only open Wednesdays and Weekends.

Grand Central Railway Nottingham Heritage Cafe
Grand Central Railway Nottingham Heritage Cafe

Rushcliffe Country Park is rightfully popular with dog owners so it’s a good place for your dog to meet others. There are a few areas where dogs need to be on a lead but much of the park is off lead. The area is large enough though for you to find peace and quiet if you want it, especially during the week. The Copper’s Dog Activity Trail deserves a special mention. It’s a fenced area that contains some obstacles to entertain your dog.

Rushcliffe Country Park – Negatives

There isn’t much to dislike about the park. You have to realise you are sharing it with other users including families at weekends. Apparently BBQ’s are also allowed and it’s a popular picnic area which could be a major distraction for those owners who have food obsessed dogs.

The only other negative to mention is that the fields don’t always drain too well and can become muddy and waterlogged. There are paths and areas where you can probably avoid the worst mud but it’s worth noting.

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