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I’m Sienna, owner of Walks & Cuddles pet services. I started Walks & Cuddles in 2016 but have over 6 years experience in the pet sitting industry. I have two small dogs, Lily & Jake and a cat named Toby. 

Dog training and behaviour is also a big passion of mine. I already have some training qualifications with the IMDT and I am currently studying towards gaining more. 

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Who Am I?

Sienna Miers from Walks & Cuddles


Business Owner

I am a professional dog walker and pet sitter. I have been running my business since 2016 but was working in the industry for two years prior to starting my own business. I have an extensive knowledge working and owning dogs and other animals. Animals are a huge passion of mine, which is why I choose to work with them in my daily life. 

I am also very passionate and interested in dog behaviour. I’m currently studying with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers. My goal is to be a successful trainer alongside running my pet sitting and walking services. 

I love the outdoors and even more so with dogs by my side. I am a very experienced dog walker, pet sitter and pet owner. I am strong and fit and my hobbies include Crossfit and yoga. I am more than capable of handling dogs of any size.

I am a long time dog owner and have owned and worked with dogs of all sizes and temperaments. I currently have two small dogs Lily and Jake and one cat called Toby. They are my world, and one of the reasons I have chosen to do this. 

I have worked with and looked after animals of all shapes and sizes. Animal welfare is a top priority for me and I give to animal charities monthly. 

I love brightening up every pets day that I see and this makes me love my job even more. I always take a personal interest in every pet that I take on and get to know them, treat them as I would my own with love and respect. 

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