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A new website for 2020

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With the new year I decided it was time to freshen up the look of my website. In this first blog post using my new design I will explain my reasons for deciding on a new design and what readers can expect from me in 2020 and beyond.

Why the new design?

The old website did the basics for me very well. It set out my services, prices and explained how customers could contact me. Design trends can change though and in an increasingly competitive industry I wanted to ensure my website stood out among all the other local pet service companies. My logo remains the same but now displays much larger than it did on the old website, where in truth it was hard to see. The colour scheme of the new website was picked to complement my logo. I’ve always loved the colour purple so it was a natural choice. Hopefully visitors to my website will get a good first impression, regardless of whether they visit it on a desktop or mobile device.

The chance to improve my ranking in Google

One of the main reasons for making changes to my website was to improve my ranking in Google. It can take time to build up your business. It’s not unusual to go from being busy to having spare walking slots in your diary. Often this is because pets that we have come to love pass away or sometimes owners move to a different part of the country. I’m fully aware that most potential customers will use Google to look for a pet service. I realised it was time to try and seek out someone who could hopefully help me with my performance in the search engines. Hopefully you should find that my website is near the top of page one in Google for terms like ‘Dog Walker Nottingham’ before spring arrives.

Blogging useful information to my readers

My new website also features a blog which I intent to use. My intention is to use the blog to pass on useful pet related information to readers. It could be information aimed at local pet owners or sometimes it might be relating to a national story that is getting the interest of the pet owning community. With all my blog articles there is a comments section so feel free to interact with me as I know there are lots of knowledgeable people out there. If there is an article of mine that you really like why not share it on social media like Facebook with your friends and family?


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